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  • #LifeWithCharlie

    Holy sweet Baby Jesus. I don't know if I can do the 'terrible 2's'. They started back when Charlie was 18 months old so I thought, maybe we are getting this outta the way early. This past Friday night is the first time I had to drag Charlie out if a restaurant kicking and screaming. And if your were at the C100 premier of 'Storks' Saturday understand. Read More
  • #MeatlessMonday Where to eat in Hali!!!!

    I've been sick and lazy so not much cooking has been happening except vegan grilled cheese (and yes they're just as delicious as dairy grilled cheese) Read More
  • #LifeWithCharlie

    Remember when you were a kid and you could go do whatever, wherever as long as you came home once the street lights came on? These days, if your kid is seen walking home alone at dusk, child services will likely be on your stoop within the hour. Read More


Top 7@7

    • #7- Coleman Hell- Fireproof
    • #6-Major Lazer/Justin Bieber/Mo- Cold Water
    • #5- Drake- One Dance
    • #4- Sia- The Greatest
    • #3- Kungs VS Cookin On 3 Burners- This Girl
    • #2- Michael Buble- Nobody But Me
    • #1- Mike Posner- I took a Plane to Ibiza
    Read More